busy week #diary

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I can feel spring on the way at last. It’s been soooo cold and damp in the UK this year. I’ve been doing a bit of writing and sorting out all my stuff. I do have bits everywhere. Catching up with paperwork too (not my best quality.) I can suffer with my daydreaming habit when I should be dotting (i’s) and crossing (t’s). I’ve been catching up with my youngest son and hope to see my eldest boy next week! Did a bit of travelling around the Peak District. Then had a holiday in Blackpool with Kris where we caught up with local life. It was a lovely little break. Kris is currently raising funds for her #dogbus appeal. Want to thank Kris for her support this last couple of weeks too! She’s really had my back and has got me into some kind of organised state! Thanks Kris you are a diamond and we miss you and Alan.


I have tried to do a bit of social media too (ggrrrr…)  but I struggle falling in and out of current affairs. I tend to see beyond what seems current/truthful. I suppose everyone has their own opinion and it is about finding the middle ground. Debate. Discussions and free thinking. Yet I prefer to look at colour, read prose and see the crafty side to people. Sometimes words are cheap. Actions do speak louder. But I don’t know, artful words always find a way to my heart. I suppose that’s why I listen to music so much?

Anyway, time to crack on – no rest for the wicked (am I that bad?) … No, seriously – a reality check here, I’ve a heart of gold (modest) … I am at my happiest when helping out where I can. Charity is good for the soul. Being out there where possible and meeting new situations. The world is full of magic. You just have to let go and believe.

Fear is our enemy. Only fear. There’s always love – love is the answer! Never run away from your heart – it will make you sick. Life’s too short. Try to enjoy it and respect those who do kind deeds. They’re your closest allies so look after them. Treat those you love the way you’d like to be treated yourself? It’s a good start … Be true to what’s right and best for you soul purpose.

Tiff. X

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