Go Easy on Yourself – BE Love!

I have a dose of insomnia – hello moon! Maybe there’s an earthquake lurking where the platelets of Mother Nature are at anger with our deeds … Or perhaps I am over-thinking. Life’s like that. The mind can be our greatest enemy when we need to restore our inner calm and balance. We find we begin to hear too much clutter. We collect the thoughts and intent of others – as though our own garbage. But really, each of us is only ever responsible for our ‘self’ and how we process information. This is why meditation is so important. To acknowledge our thoughts – then, let them pass.

I am sensitive – I take on the pain of those I love – no matter where in the world they are. But then what would be the alternative? To develop tough skin where the suffering of others bears no circumstance or relevance? But it is all about balance. To first know our immediate life and surroundings is of greater value for our true self worth. To find quiet space – reflect – manifest good things – to be ‘at one.’ Prayer is a form of meditation when focusing on the highest frequency of ‘love.’ Using a mantra. Or to simply be still with the now.

When I focus on negative subjects – I sometimes believe I can help – balance the anguish – bring back to centre – where love lives. But sometimes we need to perhaps know where there is congestion of interests and a will to cause hardship and pain to others – there is no remedy for the sensitive – other than to remove our general thought process into new and vibrant arenas of happiness and celebration! We cannot heal a world until we have first rewarded our own strength of courage with peace and tranquillity. The beautiful thing is – finding our own harmony wheel costs nothing and becomes a way life. It takes commitment to move forward and I believe we must always see opportunity in self improvement for the benefit of ‘love’ itself.


On that note – I should try to sleep! I was supposed to be having respite from the virtual world to get my work done for a new project – but there’s no rules. Go easy …

Spirituality is to understand a connection between mind – body and soul. These have to connect ‘at least’ before we as a collective of ‘love’ make advancement towards our soul purpose and duty. We are ALL very beautiful!


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