Mother Nature – An original concept ©

Once upon a time … long – long ago. Human beings didn’t believe in time travel. It wasn’t in text books. They laughed at most things which manifest with imagination. Human beings demanded attention with ‘their own’ religious values (or non at all – all as bad as one another.) Anything for attention. Oh I laugh as I tell you this … but it is true. Really!

Yet all that really mattered was Gaia – Mother Earth. They took it all for granted. Money being the important factor and what they could buy with it to set themselves against the rest. That and gaining ticks alongside social media pages. Yes – really … this is how human beings once behaved.

They fracked the planet – shoved muck and filth – unwanted waste into the ground. Human beings decided it would be a good idea to run pipes into her beautiful land. To rupture the earth’s surface with their greed. It wasn’t enough to pollute and corrupt the air.


But this doesn’t matter – it doesn’t matter because ‘all’ that matters is being a celebrity. A celebrity is not a talented person. A celebrity is not like a singer – writer or artist. A celebrity is a person that has to have recognition from strangers every day – they just won’t go away. Even if that means talking to people like ‘shit’ for a living. Be careful – for what you regard a gift – is indeed but a curse. Their test – to give back – they did not. Greed – Ego. The third dimension. Shocking reminders of what we could become. Good people don’t win the lottery. 

But some human beings returned and things changed. You’d be surprised – as the ones that cause most trouble for the vulnerable today – may not be born at all.

Sleep Well with your conscience. And for those who do not –  for trying to mend the broken and wicked – don’t worry – the ‘harmers’ won’t come back – or go anywhere else for that matter. But mirrors inverted within black holes for their intent and deeds. You can’t fool the universe.

And while you argue amongst yourselves about one another – don’t forget the ground you walk upon. Take nothing for granted. None of you are really necessary. We were here to love. Love scares humans. Real – proper love – it’s powerless.

Honestly – this is a true story. People really were like this once. They used animals as pawns for gratitude – they harmed children for fun and saw women as objects to abuse and torture. But then we came back. And nobody knew about all the life below the sea – the architecture and temples of Atlantis. They just killed dolphins and argued about fish. As much waste went in the ocean as below the ground. They made waste to put food in then throw it all away again. It’s hard to believe, but yes … I’m afraid it’s all true.

Treading on Angels as though egg-shells. Looking for flaws within light – not right.

Kings and Queens were called volunteers and slaves. Honestly … they really were like this once – human beings. And there was this thing called ‘money’ but that’s another story.


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