Eternal Protection – Angels of #Jesus

If it were easy for Angels to be amongst us – this would mean they would be as bad as us. So please respect the messages of the higher feminine. Stop hurting them. It is not a competition. It is not about awards and prizes. Hear them. There are many amongst us. This is your lesson. Break away from the mainstream and lies. Open your heart and I can assure you love will find you. In a true sense. Void of ego and wealth. There are many Angels upon us. This is your lesson – not ours. Your thought process. Your pattern. Your greed. Not ours.

To be a messenger of God is not an easy task. It will not earn you money. It will not get you fame. You will be cast away like a stone hitting gravel. Jesus can hear us. We once served him and we still do. I feel such peace writing this. Be free. Expressive. Be your own truth. We are. Try it. It’s a beautiful state of mind – body – soul. Women should love one another. Jealousy is a worthless emotion – it stops the movement of true passion and desire to help our real men forward. We love our men and want to work with women too. There is nothing better than this. A man – a woman – both are one as human beings. Together – apart- mixed – blended. For the many. Always for the many and never the few. I will fall prey to pressure but I remain a free thinker.

I like freedom. We are all free to just be. That’s life. There will be many more for those awake. From past. To present. The now. The universe is beautiful. It takes brave courage for the spiritually minded to reveal themselves amongst you ego driven and loud fools.

We kiss your feet sweet angel for all you do. Words cannot say. I am in my van in Wales. No car. Bad week and you make it happen for me and you make it happen for The Hatter. WE adore you my darling. Shine like a Diamond my Little Minx and thank you.

Tiffany Belle Harper. X

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