Please Do Not Suffer in Silence. Sharing is your Friend

It doesn’t matter how I feel about a person personally – it would not make any difference at all to learn they felt unhappy at home. I would fight for anyone who may feel detached from reality due to abuse and a sense of self doubt because of loving a person you do not necessarily like. I am stubborn. I have been in bad relationships and I walk away. But for others, it’s not so easy if you feel a sense of helplessness.


A few years ago – I  had an abusive relationship, where I was assaulted and I am not playing victim here. But by sharing our experiences we can reach out to others. So if anyone ever wants to speak with me – do get in touch. I would not wish hardship on anyone. There is a better world out there for all of you who may feel trapped with your circumstances –  sometimes feeling emotionally attached to a person may be fear related. Perhaps you feel so low in yourself that it seems impossible to survive without your abuser to pick you up and drop you down. Where you rely on their highs to get through their lows. But it doesn’t have to be like this for you. Life is short and you deserve abundance.

I know real love exists for all of us when we are brave enough to let go of that which controls us. We really do not have to fear anything. And I would hate to think any person (women and girls in particular) feel their lives are suffering because of oppression at home. I don’t want anyone out there to believe they do not have anyone to speak with. Because I care and I will make time for you. I promise. So don’t be a stranger.

An abuser is a weak person – they will not want you to participate in activities away from them. They may make you feel they depend on you and vice versa. But this is not true. Join groups and get involved with activities away from your abuser/controller. Find ways to grow as an individual and new doors do open. They really do and one day you will look back and wonder why you wasted all those years feeling like half the person you could be. Love is the Answer and abuse is not love. Be happy! It’s free too.

Tiffany. X

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