The Mysterious City of Atlantis Discovery Channel Documentary #education #video

There is a missing link in our knowledge of history. We are always evolving – learning – considering new findings. Here is a video about Atlantis. Videos like this are a good way to spend time on the internet – learning – expanding our minds. When we become focused on social media we are losing time. Do you have children or do you work with children? Showing them educational videos is a better way to guide them towards a more fulfilled future. Education is so good and important in all aspects of our short lives here during this particular journey.

Breaking bad habits is a tough thing to do – having healthier more beneficial ways to use our minds is a win win situation.

I love this video. I hope you enjoy it if you can find some time to watch and share. It’s fun to learn and to absorb new information regarding our planet and nature put together by experts who have gone to length to research this for us. Most of which are not on social media. It is a good step forward to look outwards to the bigger picture. Perhaps write down at the end of each day how you have spent your time on the internet and whether you have ‘personally’ benefited by your experience. Energy goes where attention flows. Be careful. There’s some real dirt out there that will rob you of your own journey. Stay in your power and help the children get away from all the horrid stuff.

Tiffany. X

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