Avaaz – Petition and Video – Facebook is Fake and our Data is being Stolen #DeleteFacebook Let’s ROCK !

Facebook is taking over our minds – what we see – what we buy and what we absorb. Social media excludes and includes according to paid material. Algorithms define what we see. It is like a techno brain that thinks for us and is very, very dangerous. Please make sure all children are aware and as guardians and parents ensure they are not being groomed into a thought process that could be harmful. People are being ‘socially’ graded on Facebook. This is our next generation and I for one do not want a future of lies and corruption.

Shame on Mark Zuckerberg

FAO – Matt Hancock MP – Minister for Digital – Culture – Minister and Sport. All links to contact the above MP can be found in the link below. Please take a moment before it is too late.

Please kindly sign the petition and watch video.

Avaaz Senior Campaigner Alaphia Zoyab — UK Fake News Video

Tiffany Belle Harper – Signed and Shared.

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