‘Telling the Truth’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

I may be fairly insignificant in terms of the hub of the web but I love my blog. I’ve had it for two years now. It has healed me. I think it’s saved my life a couple of times too. I’d hit the bottom – really.

Two significant changes in my life are my love of some great people out there – they are mostly men! Ironically, having come from physical and mental abuse – I do love men. I have two sons. I adore them most.

I care and I mean what I say. I believe I tell the truth. I don’t play games – I don’t use signs and mimic others. I say it how it is. And If I can use my heart and love combined with my qualifications to give someone a wake up call. I will. Sometimes my kids must hate me. I don’t care because I am their mum and only want what is best. Not to be loved or adored and certainly not thanked. But to know, I have tried. I don’t want enemies. But if someone treats me with disregard for being kind (tough) whatever – then I will defend myself.


We can forgive but we should never forget – people will become humble but can flip like a sixpence. Always be your own best friend – encourage others to do the same. We can all be unique together. When we pull the vulnerable into the equation it becomes a battle and there is never a winner. I will always support the under dog. I would prefer to be invisible with those who need help than stand tall and look down upon love. That’s the way I am. I ain’t changing. I don’t hide – I don’t gossip. There is not one person out there that can hold me to account. I will always talk face to face – but don’t ever expect an easy ride.


3 thoughts on “‘Telling the Truth’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. Hi Tiffany
    tjis is the reason why I set my blog up , to help hear me inner thoughts
    and aid the healing process,,,, keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing more.

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