fools rush in where Angels fear to tread

Lack of common sense will inevitably show huge problems ahead with huger immigration – innocent death and sheer greed without us ever establishing why any of this mass destruction had to start in the first place. Thank you mainstream press and scare mongering ‘tactics’ (gossiping) for what lies ahead. I am praying. And I suggest we all do the same as only God and his messengers can help us now.  When people cannot sit down and talk with one another to find a solution. When the answer is violence – we are over. I bet Tony Blair is in his element today.  TBH©


10 thoughts on “fools rush in where Angels fear to tread

  1. HI Tiffany.
    Sorry I’ve not been in touch much (We had a visit from two adorable hurricanes, youngest grandsons).
    And so it goes on…
    I’ve been interested in Military History and the politics since my teens (because I never grew up playing with Toy Soldiers).
    It never stops, the slaughter, the death and the screaming of the innocents never, ever stops. Pick a year, a region and the Spectre of War stalks the lands.
    Sure I read about battles and marvel at the mechanics, and play wargames.
    I am grateful, because over the years I have learned the ramifications of the Reality of these events. There are no innocent governments and sadly with the possible exceptions of the Inuit and the Australian Aborigines no people with no bloody murk in their past. The failure to rein the dynamics which leads to war. The failure to accept that no one person can ever be sure they have total control.
    To each of other falls the duty to spread as best with can Compassion, Tolerance and Respect, and see beyond the veils of all of the politics of all sides.
    Can any leaders or the group about them or their supporters look in the eyes of one child and say ‘your suffering was worth it’.

    1. Aw … I hope you had a good break with your grandchildren and are finding time to write Roger. What a world we have with all the rivalry. There is more good going on than bad – but people only seem to want the drama. I am glad I am out of it all. I send you a super hug and glad to hear from you – wise friend 🙂

      1. We had a good time with them thanks Tiffany.
        Me too, I’ve had it up to here (and some more) with all the hate, bile and ignorance which is spilling out from various sides of the World Political. I finally realise why some folk were Pacifists in WWI & WWII. Will vote of course to honour those who suffered for our right to do so, but will be very open minded to points of view.
        Hugs to you too Tiffany.
        All the best

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