Hate will always attack nature because magic is not in text books. The fascists become addicts of their own resentment. Don’t pity them. They’re not meant to be here anyway. Feel the positive.  TBH©

7 thoughts on “fascists

  1. All too true and tragic
    I’ve witnessed it in the British world politic, from places I would have least expected it.
    Breathing WP’s fresh air of writing, artistry, imagery and imagination.
    It’s good to be home.

      1. Thanks for that Tiffany.
        The word needs to be spread.
        The blog itself is well worth following, there is so much suffering in parts of the world that does not reach the day-to-day news.
        True there are worthy documentaries…Radio 4 of the BBC has a good track report with its series ‘Cross Continents’ ‘Analysis’ and ‘From Our Own Correspondent’. But we as individuals have our parts to play, albeit small ones. Even if it does feel hopeless at times, something is better than nothing.,

  2. So happy to read this. I’ve lost all patience for people who try to “rationalize” fascism by making excuses for white supremacists and generally terrible people. Apathy is till apathy, even if it masquerades as “understanding” or pity.

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