Sir Elton John – Pioneer for Charity – Artist – Singer/Song-Writer – meeting mannequins (Dover Street Market)

Photo not my own – I steal the ones I want. This is so vividly crafty. I used to design and sell mannequins. I don’t miss this type of work due to the storage and logistics – I went too big too soon and it sort of got out of hand. It is all in my book. but I still love to see the giant dolls. A blank canvas – colour – fashion in all its quirkiness. Artistic talent by Dover Street Market for the Gucci Elton John Range. Click image to find Sir Elton John. Remember with alternative fashion we can be inspired to shop vintage or find cheaper equivalents. A good designer is an aspiration for all to interpret with clashing – textile –  colour – flair and embellishments.

elton mannequins

Tiff. X

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