strength for me #diary

This year, I’ve been let down terribly. More so, a very special little girl – rejection is a dreadful thing. But we have to remind ourselves for all closed doors and pain there are new chapters in our lives. New beginnings. We cannot hide behind our security hoping our challenges will go away. It doesn’t work like that. Thriving from others highs and lows is not moral practice. We have to get out there and take care of all the love and try to never stop sharing. Even if we ‘at times’ attract the negative – it is better than being silenced. We all have our own journey going on.


To show empathy – to never wish ill intent on any other. Life really is sweet. I am at a busy time with mine. It is sometimes as though I am juggling with stones. I have realised we should never expect others to treat us with the same grace. To love unconditionally without assumption – desire or a need for validation. I am excited about my future. I have a new venture that is something I have always wanted. Something for me and I am doing it right – with good people around me. I am really proud of myself. I’m just getting on with it. Wish me luck, please.

I Love You. Tiff. X

25 thoughts on “strength for me #diary

    1. You have been a soul mate Lucy and will continue to be. No one will ever comprehend our friendship. I have trusted you with my life. You have kept me inspired in ways I can never repay you. However! Annona awaits you and so does my new nest for which you are my guest!

      1. Gosh… that is so appropriate… just split from Jewish boyfriend but not sure how things lie… anyway, that helps, thank you! Good luck with the new car 🙂

      2. I will do your cards tonight. My Angel cards. Only smarties have the answer. We meet people for a reason – it is not about time or duration – it is about the journey. Love is everything – You will be guided to your soul mate. We all have one. For now, a cardboard cut out of Mr Benn will suffice. We must source this.

      3. Funny you should mention soul mate… they may have already appeared on the scene. But will be interesting to see what your cards say. Mr Benn will do nicely until then!

      4. I am getting ‘look for loyalty’ like minded people that make you feel as though you have met before. And also tea – cake – for some reason London in Autumn. But this could be for the coming weeks. Leap from one stone to another until you find your new adventure – one of lasting and consistency.

      5. You live your own dreams – make your own stories and you are authentic. Being bold and adventurous meets the envy of all. It is a gift. Freedom. Love. Self Value – Expression. That is why I adore you. And all my loved ones, for that matter. X

      6. Actually – you have a nice deck of oracles I sent your way. See what colour transpires and see the synchronicity of the colour and elements throughout the next two days or so.. Ignore the words. Go with the signs. You know …. will still do your cards too though. Mainly, to be nosy …. Look ahead with those you let in to your life. Would you want them there in ten years time?

      7. I will consult them this evening – in fact I consulted them a few weeks ago about this subject and the soul mate card came up. This person has already been in my life for 11 years and I could certainly see them there for the same again. I will do as you say and pay attention to the colours and the elements.

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