Myra and other sea life #video #education

At the beginning of this video I found Myra – I swam with her with my sons when they were little. She lost her baby and never swam on with her pod. She stayed in case her baby returned. But sadly a baby dolphin was washed up on the shore a mile or two down the coast. I am absolutely gob smacked that I found this footage as it was over fifteen years ago I swam there. This is a lovely video about the sea and the dolphins. Myra protected my youngest son in the water as it was rough tides and he wasn’t a stable swimmer – he was holding on to his surf board and she went beneath it and supported him in the water. She rubbed noses with him too and I have never seen his face beam so much. It was worth the experience although very dangerous as the waves were smashing against the rocks. I hope the people who made this video know of her story. I am sure the locals will have told her. Wait til my sons see this video. What a gorgeous blast from the past. I often think about her. Bless that dolphin!

Tiff. X


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