Support Independent Business

I just think it is so important to support smaller businesses. I’ve really made an effort to think before I buy. Even paying a few more pennies to buy fruit and veg from a local grocer or fresh bread from the bakery. When we pay into big franchises and chains it is lost money, often going to tax havens. It is so easy to visit a supermarket but these big organisations are putting the High Street – villages and towns out to graze. It’s so wrong and sad. It is not always about money. It’s quality not quantity. I hope we can all do a bit more together. Going to fayres and markets. Sharing news of what our friends and family craft. Life’s too short to not try. Tiff. X



2 Comments on “Support Independent Business”

  1. I agree! It’s so easy to become tempted by the big advertisements and false promises that consumerism brings. Little shops seem so much more friendly and appreciative of our custom. It’s a shame that big retailers make it so hard for their survival ☹️

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