bunk addiction #diary

Well … it is Tuesday – the UK has just had a bank holiday which means a long weekend. I don’t know why they are called ‘bank’ holidays as the banks are usually taking it easy. I’ve been talking with a colleague about furniture. It is official – I have a bunk bed addiction. I cannot stop looking at the things. We can improvise space when we create a sleeping area. I suppose the fact I slept on a floor for a few years has made me appreciate the importance of sleeping well. I was homeless for a while. But the main reason I slept near the ground was to show myself to appreciate having my own home when I finally got back up. I didn’t want to take anything for granted. I almost felt ‘unworthy’ to have a mattress. I felt guilty for those who did not. So I suppose it was a sort of silent vigil. I often do similar and just go into my tent with the bare essentials. It gives me a reality check. I never want to take anything for granted.

Now I’ve got a loft bed. It’s a long story but I don’t use it. When I stay at my house, I sleep on the top floor in the attic. Reason being the loft bed which is on the first floor, is so close to the ceiling I have almost knocked myself out on it. Plus, I fell asleep one evening only to wake the next morning with the blinds open in full view of the entire street ‘naked.’ I must have looked as though I was floating?! I love bunk and loft beds because no matter whether you live in one room or a mansion you can create a nest type feeling. I don’t know … perhaps it’s my inner child. Making dens will never tire me.

Oh my gosh, it’s been lovely weather in the UK. I hope other places on earth have experienced the sunshine. It’s just so uplifting. I dislike the dark nights. I know it’s when we get inwardly crafty but it makes me feel so ill when there’s too much dark. Spring is a little late but at last it is here. I feel so blessed. Thank you Mr Sunshine – you are loved! Tiff. X

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