Stand Up

Those who tell us to die faster and not be born at all are not in any position to talk on behalf of the universe. Life is the most thing we and all of us, will ever have. We should raise our arms to God in the sense of our entire existence and all of the shamans and prophets trying to inform the sheep in you right now and for all of eterntity. Respect life. Take what you need – farm resourcefully. Live off the land. Don’t preach. Give more than you take. Always come from the light. Amen – I call upon my inner self and guidance. The only real news right now is the weather – in the now. Not predictions. I am coming at you. NO fear. Social grading is wrong. Let the same gender people adopt and stop flushing our babies into waste pipes. TBH©

3 thoughts on “Stand Up

  1. Powerful words Tiffany, coming straight from the heart. I feel them across the miles

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