A hidden palace in Leeds

Driving out of Leeds there was a diversion that took me down a street I’ve not come across before. It was full of derelict buildings of great architecture. I saw this. It is left to crumble. Look at the detail. The bricks and windows. The woodwork it is so gorgeous. Stuck somewhere in the past during industrial wealth. We thought it may have been an old mill or foundry. I think those in a position to do so should think about what is already here instead of encouraging new builds. This could be made into an entertainments venue, housing or offices. If I had more sets of arms and could be in multiple  places at once I would want to adopt this space but my time is already so full! The lower roof is asbestos which is very dangerous to health. It would have to be removed by professionals before renovation could take place. See beyond the flaws and imagination what this could be. I hope someone takes it on. TBH©


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