Blackpool #diary

Since June the 13th (my birthday) I have been working very hard on my darling new project in Blackpool. I have felt elated, as everything I love to do has been in one place. Nesting, baking, meeting unconventional people. It has not been easy as you sort of give your time away as you live in a house where other people you’ve never met before are staying. But I do have my own flat. There’s two bedrooms. A large bathroom, lounge and running space for the dogs outside. I am surrounded by seagulls. I really have learned to understand them. They’re such clever beings and work so closely to survive. At the moment, we have three baby seagulls that rely on us to stay alive. Kris my friend from Dogbus has been helping. It has been team work. She has her own bedroom and we are blessed with Alan her hound. My room is my little den. I have no wardrobe just a rail to hang my clothes and some shelves for everything else. It’s full of positive energy and I feel a bit like Cinderella (but I do have the coach…) I’ve got a comfy bed and am still with my unicorn bed linen. Evie and Angel are very happy here. I want to live forever. Plus, I’ve sold my house in Leeds and will have all my own possessions around me soon!


I see this as a stepping stone and am already planning my next project to add on to this one. I do not want to be enslaved to a rigid routine, as I am a progressive person. It would make me feel depressed to feel I could not continue to expand. Life is short – don’t let anything hold you back. It is not about money – but, a sense of self worth and focusing on the light and the love that comes from all corners. Set yourselves free to be your highest and best self. You will be surprised what’s out there!

I have been waiting to post a nice photograph of me online to share – but … I am afraid I am not the most photogenic of women and the thought of standing in-front of the mirror all day bores the shit out of me. I am clean and I wear clothes I like. That’s enough. It is what’s inside that really matters. I loved putting a photo of me in my pyjamas shortly after I had cooked breakfast for around 15 people. I’d made them happy so what I looked like wasn’t as important at that time of day. I am so in the zone with baking at the moment! I am trying to collect bits of china too. Give me more hours each day.

Yes, there’s been a few very rude people crossing my path – but confined to emails and the phone, mainly because they cannot get booked in at the dates they want. Then others use ‘leaving a bad online review’ as a reason to ‘try’ and get free stuff. I don’t care about all that. I have a guest book and it’s full of beautiful messages. We can’t suck eggs. All the guests that have crossed my door are just so gorgeous. It may not always be this good – but, whatever comes, bring it on. I am on the journey.

Next week my family are coming here. I think it will be emotional. I need them around so much. To see familiar faces.

Have a lovely week. I am still writing. I am still taking pictures. My best yet. I am still roaming the back alleys for adventures. I see you!

Tiff. X

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