Be Brave in the face of Low energy fields

Never be quiet about injustice. Never feel tainted by jibes and intimidation. Stand UP and keep shouting because eventually the truth will be known. Those who are unable to speak with you face to face have no argument. Cowards = hiding behind their own false sense of security. It is not easy standing at the door of a rented home greeting love with strangers. But it is very worthwhile. It was not my decision to leave my freedom behind but more a set of circumstances. Yet, this is my journey. Be on yours and never allow any form of resentment to make you feel afraid for your own safety. We can all go on pathways we never thought possible with faith! Look at all the positive things around us. I have met so many wonderful professionals helping alongside a free and beautiful project. Let us hope and pray we leave the rusty nails from the beginning where they belong which is exactly where they are meant to be.

Every single penny of my ‘forthcoming’ new doorway is from myself and work away from Golden Sands (my lovely business) which barely breaks even due to my loyalty to pay rent on time, despite constant letters not for or addressed to me from debt collectors. I have no forwarding address for the reciprocates but they can use social media to attack my neighbours babies! A friend and woman who has no debt of her own. Who spends each day trying to learn and teach. She is worth ten or more of them. Little clicks of bimbos attacking those unable to defend themselves. Thank God the rest of us women are limited to such appalling and trashy behaviour.

Then BES Utilities, the worst energy company in the UK taking the rest of the business. I am lucky to break even with that project. But I don’t breath for the money. I breath for life and whatever remains or comes I will always invest for more to share with my soul journey. So it is of comfort I sold my home to expand for the bigger picture. I owe nothing. I am what I earn. And the most beautiful thing about this is the pure and enlightened energy still flowing through the now cleansed building that no man can destroy – for time is infinite as is our love. The children and pets who visit with their guardians are gifts from heaven. I am humble. Speak with me directly – don’t attack them please.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

Above pic is my writing hut in Warwickshire. A very wise place to charge up my inner purpose.