The Mothers of Nature

She gives birth – the rest is down to us. No Mother should take the wrath of your soul purpose. We are all blameless where there is no malice intended. We should perhaps take responsibility for our own feelings. We have to remember we cannot hold on to everyone.

In life we need to let go otherwise we carry so much burden we may fall and never get back up.

Respect your guardians! They are all you really have.

A mother is not your shield. She is born as freely as you once were. Walk alone with courage knowing you are loved! Fear nothing. Karma does your chores with grace. And what kind of people persecute children that are not their own, in ways that are cowardly – wishing pain and failure to the innocent – weak greedy women borrowing more than they have. Women driven with worthless envy and jealousy – ruled by drunken men with weakness in their hearts. Scum! So let’s all send them love – they need it most. They have no idea what they are doing. Save time – let them go and learn by their own mistakes.


Tiffany Belle Harper (so awake)