My diary – #brother

Yes it is June but I’ve been too busy to write anything. We can often feel so trapped by obligations and expectations we forget to do the things we love most. For instance today, I have only one family staying here so I am not so bogged down with what can be an 18 hour shift of giving to strangers. All of which are just gorgeous by the way.


But for May I managed to get away. I visited my family. I am inspired by mum who is a designer and upholster. I love her chairs. I love her new bathroom!



My eldest son is a designer and landscape gardener. Here is his pad. He has reconstructed this from a shell of rubble. Paying attention to history and his spiritual essence. And believe me, we fought Warwickshire Council neck and bone to get past the plans. The irony, now I am doing something very similar here in Lancashire but nothing will stop my team!


I love Sunday’s. I always feel as though I should hibernate and do what I want for myself. Stuff like wear a mud-mask, ignore my messy flat. Step over clothes and just be at one with who I am. Which is the woman I was before I was sold to Blackpool by a chain of insincere events. But anyway, it is my journey and I am not a quitter. If it was not for being here and selling my house I would not have my new project we are planning with love and forethought. Plus, I love St Chad’s Road. Such a mixed and vibrant bunch of people. Some of the women love a good gossip etc but you get that everywhere. I tend to stay out of it all. I think perhaps they have too much spare time on their hands? Unfortunately I never do. If I did, I would be off travelling not festering with coffee mornings and cruel intentions. When my kids were young some of the mums would hold similar things and nothing good ever come from their scorn … That good old 3rd dimension. A curse upon all. Especially the poor men around them.

I am also going to add some basic information to the Golden Sands website that I have managed since it launching back in June of 2018. As you may know I love WordPress but the wix site is great for the front page as it has such easy press button controls. Better the devil you know. I need to add stuff like where the car parks are, as almost every guest complains about the parking at Golden Sands. But then, for what we charge here to include cleaning, laundry, energy costs, rent, hot breakfasts and refreshments, together with toast cereals and personal sacrifice – for instance, to have a lie in and an evening social life – together with stocking the bar and preparing bar-snacks etc – this occupation is certainly not a get rich fast decision. It is a lifestyle.

This week I have met some amazing women. One named Netty who is a witch and tattoo artist who I aim to heal in conjunction with her own energies. And we can all do this together – so please send her well wishes. She is too young to leave this planet. The second is a woman from Bombay named Geetanjali, who is an air line pilot, hotelier, designer and philosopher. I took her to see my project. Very inspired. She has her own place to hire in Mumbai and it is my destiny to enter her space at some point in the not so distant future with my flame. He will love it there. We will both be blessed to experience Home Tree.


My youngest son has been coming and going to give his time to support me. But it can be cramped as I only have one spare room for him and the cats. They are house cats, so ensuring they don’t go fence hopping is a big responsibility. I am protective of my kids as I don’t want any bullying from hysterical women to rub off on to their energy fields. They are innocent and not involved with me, my life or decisions. I am their mother and I want them to always be free in their lives to do as their hearts so desire. But to always love me and hear me when I need support. James and Tara have helped me gut the place. I was away for most of the week and they just got on with it. Tara enjoys getting involved. Bless her. We have reduced the room capacity in favour of space and light. I had thought about buying Golden Sands in the future but I go where my heart takes me. I am a free spirit. Yet my heart is infinitely taken and only he decides who tells me what to do! I allow him this privilege. 


I have had Kelsie with me a for a few days too. Bless that little child – a free soul. She is so like me when I was younger. Misunderstood, wrongly judged and simply perfect. I hope life does not try too hard to mould her into a stereo typical woman as she is just fine the way she is.


We have had to toughen security and stock here due to a bout of stealing, hiding keys and electronic equipment going missing but this is now resolved. Always remember being kind can attract fools who think they know more, but actually, they learn little. Pity them. They don’t know how selfish they are until it is removed from their routine. A lesson to be learned, never take good things for granted. I believe thieves have only one way to forgiveness – to pay it all back before they continue treating themselves to nice things. I am shocked and appalled by such disgusting behaviour. I can be a strong, formidable bitch when I remove feelings from facts.

And yes – I will always remain madly in-love. Was before I was born and will be long after here, over and over again. We are one. So proud – he does no wrong in my eyes. None! Gorgeous being. He makes his own decisions and enjoys his own art projectory on many levels. A free spirit – such as myself – together, and we love it. I am about to find the site for the apartment in Mumbai to share here as you will not be disappointed!


Tiffany. X