June #diary

I have been pretty exhausted. More mental tiredness than physical – but not in a harmful way. A year ago I never imagined things would be like this today. We need to know that life can change in any direction pretty quickly. My life is currently chaotic. I do not have my own kitchen or private garden. Everywhere is public and this takes some getting used to when you are used to spending days or weeks even, in your own head space. There is a balance. I had hoped in my younger years I would be leading a life of leisure by now, but not the case. Yet a part of me would not have it any other way.

I do miss though, not being able to find time to just write in a quiet location, so grabbing a few days away here and there is a life line. I am not posh and whilst I love the thought of being in splendid hotels I would rather just find little spaces to source my inner craft of mood boarding for my project, my writing and enjoying photography. Talking of hotels … beam me up!

My street is still good but the new place is attracting a bit of controversy for no particular reason. This is why a change is as good as a rest … as otherwise we can become embroiled in gossip and small talk which is not good for progress. Don’t mention ‘fence’. Heaven knows what I’ve done wrong now? Yet, we must remain detached and on track for self improvement as life is very short. We are born alone – we die alone and as I always say, ‘ the bit in the middle is to embrace’.

I am enjoying work but it does scare me, as you sort of morph into a person who is in a state of constant giving and this can distract us from our true purpose during our own unique pathway. But this can change. This can change with will power in conjunction with the universe and the light that goes with it. To share love – to not judge and to accept one another regardless of our backgrounds and circumstances. To not intoxicate our brains with problems and addictions – but to find solace with nature and healthy eating in order to promote a longer and more substantial life. To find space for our own time. To avoid jealousy and other worthless emotions. We are one.

I do hope you appreciate the beautiful strawberry moon and a very happy Daddy Day to my one. I had better go as otherwise I will return to Blackpool with nothing done and that is a road to failure. I have a pile of tasks to sort out this week. A constant battle, a battle that I do not entertain. I like it simple. All is well. I wish you the same. Love my kids. Love my family. Love my friends. Nothing will change that and nothing should want to. Love is everything.

By the way I still have my seagull he has visited almost daily now since last year. An ongoing blissful friendship. He drops shells on my head and you may be surprised to know he is actually shy. He is a feathered diplomat. A messenger for peace! Bless my little fluffy fella.

Tiffany. X