Freedom in Peace – Leave the Past Behind

I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend. To walk ahead on our own unique pathways. To let go of fear – malice and ill intention. To seek hard work as individuals and think kind thoughts independently without wishing harm to another. To let go of the past and learn by our mistakes. To not seek revenge or ever acts of hatred, harm and violence. To not wish harm to others in any situation. To lead with love and forgiveness. To not cling to the energies of another.

For us to respect mothers both here and on and over the spiritual plain. To take responsibility for own destiny. To be responsible for our own actions – to be kind. To keep ourselves busy with our own personal goals. To discover goodness in others. To live with love and no regrets. To understand the difference between connections and bullying. To not live in shame or remorse but to be humble in all matters. To be individual and focused for own higher relationship with Angels. Angels of light – Angels of love – Angels of healing and guidance – always …

There is enough nastiness in this world without bringing anymore into it. Let nature decide. That is all that matters. Nature – Peace and Clarity. Violence – pain and sorrow are only works of evil. It takes a bigger person to choose the light path to infinity. For after we all leave here there is the opportunity of great peace and love. We each of us are only responsible for ourselves – so be kind – be forgiving and walk on.

I am my own person. I do not seek friendship. I do not seek dependency. I do not seek protection or defence. I seek my own soul purpose alone. I earn my own money and choose how I do things in my own world. This is my born purpose. I never invade another destiny or try to alter the Akashic records that are there for us all to embrace as individual souls who realise their own journey has nothing to do with anyone else’s.

We cannot force our presence onto another. We cannot knock away at others when they do not want that contact. We as a race of living beings must leave the dogma of ill intent alone. To be only with and only responsible for own actions and instruction for love and peace. Peace in all forms of kindness. To be kind is to be righteous. We are born alone. We die alone – sleep with a good conscience knowing that silence and meditation with the hills – with the ocean and with a heart for charity is all you need here.

Tiffany Belle Harper. X

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