A New Week on this Beautiful Journey.

Life is short and often full of injustice but we have to let go of fear and move forward with confidence, trusting in our own abilities whilst choosing those around us who give support with open hearts. This may be friends, family, support groups or those who enjoy similar vision and crafts. It’s not a race. We have nothing to prove apart from to ourselves. To know we are trying our best to improve what we have for the benefit of others. Sometimes, a project can seem daunting but it’s important to know the bumpiest roads have the most gorgeous destinations. Have a lovely week to my friends, work colleagues, family and the guests with their pets and fabulous families that bring so much joy. There’s hidden good in many situations. Focus only on the worthwhile and stay in the real world. Because after all, the realness is where we dwell and where we manifest magic. And all of this comes only from light. And light brings love.

I must catch up with my family who are visiting.

Finally, the above pic was snapped by me with my phone. One of my favourite’s this year. I was lucky to see that sky. You don’t need expensive equipment to record nature.

Tiff. X

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