be proud of your courage – be on your own journey – be great.

When we set off on our unique journeys, there will be those who resent our freedom. They may do as follows:-
  • Give free advice without prompt although they will never walk in your steps.
  • Decide all of your accomplishments could not be possible without their input.
  • Resent any new ideas and progress – rather than implement the same individual flair.
  • Become overly obsessed with your work and online representation.
  • Worse case scenario – seek revenge and retribution for their own lack of get up and go.

But the flip side. You can also inspire those that admire your strength and courage. So always give yourselves a pat on the back for the good things you do. And remember – even if you only get to help one person, you’ve done great. Be optimistic. Work with light – don’t blame everyone else for the wrongs in your day because it’s the wrongs that make us love the right stuff more. It’s true, the best journey’s are the ones we didn’t plan. Just make sure you’re organised when you get there. Don’t waste time on the negative and always get up and get dressed!

Amen. Tiff. X

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