Dear Boris Johnson, I’ve Had A Couple Of Thoughts… by Lucy Brazier

Lucy Brazier

… And I’d like to I share them with you. I don’t know much about running a country, or how to get out of the EU, or what to do about the NHS. But I do know a few other things which I think you might find useful.

One of the things I know about is hats and what a remarkable force for good they can be. Very often when I go out and about in my best hats, people stop and comment on how nice they are and ask where I got them. A good hat is an excellent conversation starter between perfect strangers and also offers marvellous opportunities for polite discourse. Not only am I able to pass on details of my milliner – an independent trader, thereby stimulating the local economy – I am able to return a similar extolment to my new friend, perhaps complimenting their…

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