Winter Blues or New Petals

Each year around October I begin to sink into myself. I’ve spoken with other women who say the same. I think perhaps men may (I won’t say suffer as this is not the right term) step back, also. However, I believe from Winter through to Spring, women are affected more by this cyclical process. And perhaps it’s to reflect and digest what we have become and to evaluate where we are going.

I used to think I had depression but was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. Basically, lack of daylight affects my well being. But, I also believe we all need down time to raise up as a new emergence of our former selves. I suppose like a snake shedding its skin, or a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. Catalysts … Or the best way I like to describe this process is as though a flower retreating to her roots. ready for a new outfit of colour and a beautiful sturdy stem branching from stronger growth. Time builds roots. Time and love. To be free from weeds. To work for our highest with the seasons.

Those we love around us will let us be at one with nature – ready for Spring and this is when we talk more with our closest. Retreat. Share and nurture true love. I  also find reading and music help assist this quiet time. To absorb the things I love most. To try and stay in valued territory and not to be afraid of the dark. To find solace and optimism in what is around me. Less is More. To not feel obliged or burdened. All ready for Spring. So it’s okay to be random. It’s fine to write poetry in the middle of night. We’re okay to express our soul food. This is nature. The rest can wait while we create …

Tiff. X

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