the fisherman


Well this afternoon a very good friend of mine dropped by with a gorgeous gift. She made me a grid out of crystals for The Nester. You may have noticed our posts to this colour, of recent. I gave her a gift of wall art, by return. Then my guest came down wearing a coat in the same colour. A helicopter was flying over, real low. We later learned a fishermen is missing on South Shore. It’s tragic when the sea takes us beyond control. I can only hope. My worst fear is that during our time drinking coffee talking about life and spirituality, someone may have been fighting for their life. Sending Love to the universe – to the situation and sending peace.

My son was a God Parent last month in Liverpool. I was a proud Mum. (Two friends of his for which he met way back at university.) He’s got a degree in surveying. He could have gone to Cambridge but he chose Leeds. This is the first step to me being in The North, as I left the Midlands to start a new life there over ten years ago. I went home to see my family at Christmas. I thought my Dad was 83 but he’s actually 85. Where have I been?! My Mum’s 80 and still going to college. She looks great and is such an inspiration for me. I will be honest. A few weeks ago I was ready to go back to The Midlands to live, in my heart, but my head said work hard. I have made good friends here.

We have to accept in life we can’t mend a world that has such hate upon it. I just want everyone to get on. We can’t possibly be everyone’s friend, but we can be neighbours. We can’t all agree with everything. We have to live and let live. To sometimes mind our own business. Because after all, what we do in our short time here is what we leave behind. We should try to focus on making things work for ourselves. We are not responsible for the bad intentions of others. Less is More. We all need to take responsibility for our own goals.

I saw my Nieces too. We went to the pantomime. They’ve grown up so much. Their Mum brings them up with such devotion. They’re independent kids. Both are different to one another. Each with their own little personalities. I want life to be kind to them. I think the day I can’t talk to seagulls or be inspired by the crafts of the next generation, I would rather be dead.

What drives me on is that my family are ‘at last’ proud I have kept going. I just have to feel proud of me too but there’s a long way to go. I am only human.

I must thank Danielle and Gee for their support, also. They’re two strong people who I learn from. Thanks Danielle for seeing good in all things. And thank you Gee for standing by us all.

I am not doing so much with social media for a long while, as I have a website I need to focus on, and it’s that time in my life where I want to help others get a platform in their communities, so I am leaving with grace. (I do have a personal life too that has lacked my attention so goodbye goldfish bowl while I prepare for the summer.) I’ve felt unhappy for a while on media as I never wanted attention from people I don’t know or that don’t know me. I find it false. Although I do have some lovely online friends there’s also a lot of spam and unwanted attention. Maybe some people like it that way and even pay for likes, shares and follows but I prefer a cup of tea and a chat with eye contact. I always have.

Finally, for those who wonder why my new project is taking so long. There was never a deadline. Like I say, I am not rushing just to shut up critics. I am currently relying on professionals assigned to jobs to focus on their promises, so I can ice the cake. I can be tough when I need to be. So let’s keep moving.  I must also apologise to people who I don’t always call back etc or have the time to entertain. I’ve only got one pair of hands, a pair of ears that can hear one voice at a time and the attention span of a nat. Jog on huckle-bucks and have fun for 2020.

Just remember, none of us have to be anywhere.

Tiff. X