A web week … need nature back in my life

I have had to use Facebook this week as I took a quick online course in marketing. It wasn’t a good experience (for me). As always I wandered off and read loads of posts. It’s all so chaotic. I wish people could speak face to face more. I have noticed people being bullied via the platform in tangled relationships. Violent and unnecessary film snippets. Back stabbing etc … but also loads more optimistic stuff where people share a more positive way of thinking.

I believe Facebook is good for a small business, if you have enough time to engage. I realise I should try a bit harder. It’s good to follow our favourite people too and see what they are up to. What’s new. But really for all the hours people spend on Facebook, could they be doing something more productive? It is about curbing addictions, I suppose. And since I can get drawn into so many things all at once, before feeling exhausted, I am going to just market when I want to find the time. I have a load of painting to do so that is my bag for the week ahead. Today…. I have a pile of ironing touching the ceiling.

Below are quotes sent to me. I have loads more. Also a stunning print from my friend Nel Kuc. I have bought a few of her art pieces over the years. Have also done a bit of fundraising for animals in need, after many years of feeling shunned, due mainly to my utter resentment of the ‘pecking’ authority of fame and money in that quarter for which are given the power of excluding the hearts of the sincere folk. I am all for the volunteers and dedicated fundraisers who live and share their lives with the animals and the many other people doing such good things from their hearts.

On a more trivial note a woman on my street (yes… she is still spitting nails) has now taken it upon herself to inform others I am opening a Swingers Hotel. I actually think this is great publicity and I want to thank her for this gorgeous ongoing obsession – it’s saving me a lot of work. But sadly,  I do not have time to clean up or want to find time to clean up body fluids. My new project is all about nature and romance. Privacy and love. Much like many other hotels on the street. Sorry guys… you’re not missing much. Just sit back and be patient. There’s nothing much to worry about. It’s called survival. Tiff. X