Light Burst of Pure Love by Tiffany Belle Harper



Love is everything. Love is unconditional. Love does not make demands or have expectations. Love is family. Love is our tribe. Love is life. Love matters more than anything. To focus on our hearts and to keep our circles in attunement with absolute universal love – however we choose to see ‘the pure’ – our universe – our faith and trust. To stay around those who care – albeit distant – to not demand or expect – to not wish to control or break another. We all need space and time to heal and expand. To make way for love to find its highest destination in our earthly lives here – we have the fortune of this. To know we are perfectly entitled to choose who we remain close to. And to trust in good values. To not regard lying, stealing, bullying and a will to manipulate others, by any means acceptable. We can forgive. But to know our greatest lesson is to let go and move forward on our life path with purpose and light. To not carry baggage or to feel obliged to give more than we take. To remain in our power of choice and freedom away from ego and greed. Yes, jealousy, ego and greed will not serve purpose to any progress. The universal financials remain priceless by comparison.

To believe there are greater things to come and to mend from pain sent our way with hatred and intent of bad will. We are all capable of better things when we trust in our self and continue with a smile. To avoid negative situations and to send the best wishes to innocence. To welcome the new. To embrace The Spring! To live and allow others to do the same in their own boundaries. To think freely. To remain in faith and trust with our beloved. To meditate. To not feel afraid of solitude. To send kind thoughts. To be at one. To be kind and gracious. To not wish to create disharmony or revenge to anybody. To remember that all lives matter. To feel it’s fine to be unique and original. To be honest. To respect the kindness in others. To become better people. When we stop wishing hurt to others we heal within ourselves. To live as though nobody is watching. To do all things we love most. To learn. To teach. To be still. To be alive. Breath.  Feel nature. For no man needs to kill another. Nature is our only cleanser. Let Gaia do its work with the skies and ocean. Send love to the planet. Give respect to our universe and be with light at all times. Especially during darkness. Send Love. Send Love. Send LOVE! Spring is coming. Our future is bright. We can all be healed when we send our unity to this sacred planet.

We are but a short snap of time here. All of this now will one day be history. So to focus on our own purpose is a beautiful choice. To focus not on the pathway of another. To not intimidate the innocent or to make misery for the kind. But to be responsible and realise that seeking for constant validation will only lead to frustration. So for today I send only the best wishes for complete harmony to others, also.

I am not responsible for any of you. And by return you are not responsible for me. We can only send love. It does not take action – just kind and calm ways of being in the knowledge of making good of each day. What we fear most is all in our own imagination. Be with nature. Hear the birds. Dip our feet in the waves. Let soil fall through our palms. Plant trees. Collect stones and shells. Press flowers. Cook and Dance … Love and Laugh. Be at one with our own soul purpose. Rejoice in all life for this life is meant for you! It’s a gift… We must treasure it and we can all do this together. To learn about nature, wildlife and our Animal Kingdom. To understand the harm we do our planet and one another. To have faith. Less is More… It really is. Enjoy hobbies that do not involve suffering. Keeping it simple… Step outside and find your journey.

What we see and hear on the news, mainstream and by succumbing to algorithms will serve none of us any purpose. Most people are truly good. Great things are happening in the world too. It’s not as bleak as we are lead to think. Everything can be better and it will happen. Love will ensure change and progression. Love is everything… our planet is all we have to share as one tribe.

Tiff. X