Judge what you Experience

I have many friends who claim benefits. Of course people should have the dignity of food and a roof over their heads. But also there are many people who want the benefits and all the trimmings plus wages on top. It is a complexed matter that needs more scrutiny. A small business has very little support. No comfort blanket and often we are burdened with the guilt of not giving as much as is expected of us. But where does all this money we are expected to hand out come from? We only have a limited amount of resources at the best of times. A grant is a loan that has to be paid back. We have mortgages or high rent costs. We are what we earn with no other means of security. Why is it we are the bad guys for trying to do something with our lives. I am by no means judging others. I live amongst poverty and always have because those who struggle I relate to. I have been homeless. I seek out the interesting and quirky and seldom do they have or desire financial wealth and all the fake stigma that goes with it. I love down to earth people. I don’t like snobbery and the elite makes me feel uncomfortable and out of my depth – they seem to be in a god like state of egotistical thought patterns. I hate fake chat and having to wear a dress or sit at a dinner table at night with a load of people who bore the shit out of me, talking about pompous issues that I can never relate to. Often lacking common sense and integrity. I won’t ever go there.

I was bought up to value money. I have never had it easy. I expect nothing from those I love other than support. I have always said, talk with me face to face, don’t hide behind your phones. If you have something to say, we can use eye contact and reach a common point of acceptance. I am proud of that in myself. I have many friends who have small businesses and I feel sad they are the victims here. No one should gloat over that. There is nothing wrong with turning a craft or hobby into a means to pay the bills.