altars, candles and gel nails

It’s funny seeing how people behave in isolation. It’s not so different for us as we tend to be quiet for long stretches anyway. We see those desperate for online validation as they see this as a means to plug themselves as a result of death and hardship. To be honest I am enjoying the time without the phone ringing, people banging the door and feeling generally responsible for those who support my work. Now though, we’re all equal. I don’t have to worry for a while. And they certainly do not have to worry about me. Everyone has to find their own way of looking after themselves and this is good.

I think also a lot of people will realise how well they get along with those they’re stuck in a house with. I have never been happier. I think it’s because he’s romantic, funny and emotionally intelligent. And he never tries to stop me being independent. Even though I am a bit too protective of him. I cannot help it. We can be on the other sides of the world and never feel closer. He trusts me.

I have made another altar today in the hallway. An altar to me is a place to keep all the things that mean something to me. A place to talk with the universe and connect. Altars are in churches, homes, spiritual dwellings and can even be a dressing table or desk covered in bits we treasure. It’s a way to connect with our souls. Something personal for us. Somewhere to pray or meditate for our higher good. Next up I am making candles. It’s on my bucket list. I am also going to be offering gel nails when this has blown over. I love gel nails as they promote the natural nail and are great for working hands. I work with Shellac which is cruelty free.

Chatting with a mate today who agrees, we both said social media is full of negativity at the moment. It is fine to turn it all off and smell the flowers. I am on WhatsApp though. Am here especially if you feel alone or anxious. Don’t it’s all going to blow over. Just stay busy doing what you love most and don’t forget to put all the things you treasure to one side and be thankful for them. I am in love.


Amen. Tiff x