America a Hunch

If my hunch serves well, then perhaps soon there will be good news coming out of America together with revelation and sorrow, we did not know sooner. Long over due and not what you would expect. And what if the people you think you hate became your heroes and the people you loved to watch become filth. This is long over due. The destruction of the putrid society that thought they were bigger than the rest of us. May Karma serve them well. My heart would surely go out to the volunteers and also the leadership that took the filth down to hell where they deserve to be.

Amen. Amen.  Amen for humanity. May God do his work here. Stay indoors and have a week full of craft, hobbies and love. Bless those losing their lives to this pandemic. We can only send love. Unconditional love in abundance to each corner of the flat dimension. Time to do some baking – write some poetry and have a week of nesting doing things we enjoy.

The Angel Tarot