Blue Planet BBC Earth narrated by David Attenborough – It will make you all feel happier!

To my friends and guests to my cosy space here on the internet here’s some absolutely magical and educational videos that will not fail to make you feel happy to be alive. I hope you do try to watch, even if it’s half an hour each day. Don’t worry. It will all be okay in the end. Do things you enjoy. Write, draw, exercise at home. Try yoga! Be creative. It’s time to find your hobbies at home. Look after your friends. Don’t let anyone feel alone, afraid or bullied online. Include the quiet people. Don’t let anyone be lonely. We can all love everyone together. Keep the negative away from you. Avoid ego and greed – avoid fake news. Many are playing victim at this time. Tread with caution and look out for your neighbours. Be kind. Always sleep on anger as tomorrow it will be gone. Think and learn. Be good. Call your mum – call your grandparents. Tell everyone in your heart you love them. Love spreads faster than hate.

Grinch Harper. X