Be True to Yourself and Others

I am a spiritual being in my own personal way that works for me. You may be a christian, a jew, a non-believer. I believe the universe and the elements have many names, of course, like humans who have many languages. I would hate to be one of the many who judge a person by their choice. I don’t force my ways onto anyone and in turn I don’t agree with others who do the same. Forcing a person to be of a religion or a political party is wicked. I don’t ask anyone to read my blog. You come here because you want to. If you don’t find comfort here, then don’t click on me. I would like everyone to just get on. Especially with all this change going on with the planet. A beautiful planet. One we all walk upon at the moment. Okay?

Now more than ever is a time for us to listen and be tolerant where good hearts mean no ill intent. There’s bad in everything. Even when you get to the highest order of Buddhism greed can be found. Humans are imperfect. We are going through some tough lessons. We will not find the answers in one another. I believe we will find the answers from speaking directly with our inner soul and the universe. Letting go of fear and not feeling obliged to become just another sheep to a celebrity, a guru or any dictator. We should do things from acts of pure love. I am not perfect, fuck, far from it. But I am trying to work on myself. I do this because I see some lovely people in the real world and also online who make me feel optimistic.

One thing that does concern me are cults. Brain washers. People who use money and fear to stand on their platforms. All things can crumble. Now I will draw a card. I enjoy working with cards and I keep my thoughts unbiased and clear whilst doing so. Let’s see what comes. There can be good in each card. We just need to believe there is always light. A good way to combat our quarantine period is to blog or join groups that make us feel positive. My blog is my space. I love it here when it’s quiet. Just like I respect those I love to have their own space too. Live and let Live – we never have to agree with everything. That’s how we learn, we become less afraid to be authentic.

So my card for today is Eight of Wands and how I want to interpret this is there will be better times for travel. We must not fear isolation but also we must seek how we can improve our internal communication and over come blocks in our thought patterns. This is not a personal card it is a card like all others shown here which reflects my concerns (as it is my reading) towards the chaos of today and current times. A bigger way I could look at this is to focus on ‘8’ and my instincts would not be in another faking a synchronicity as the universe does not synchronise through ill intent or bravado. But more so the 8th. And I feel the 8th April where a journey of some nature will be evident in the bigger framework. I send this situation love.

One tip for card readers, don’t over think and don’t over read. Just relax and contemplate your cards, let you inner purpose guide you with truth. A card show a particular colour or clue to something you seek. Relax. Let them speak. Am going to draw a couple of more later. Do a three card spread. Immediate past, the now and immediate future. For my own personal heart I do a separate reading that address my private life. I do this once a week only. l offer distant card readings too, as you probably already know. It’s in my bones. I can’t be without cards. The previous card I displayed was a Major Arcana card that relates to my finding immense suffering that will become apparent when they are saved. I felt using prayer was necessary for there is great evil at play. But often I use a mantra or I meditate. But in some cases when driving evil out I want to pray. If only we knew. But we don’t have to. We need to focus on the light. Let your loved ones shine in what they enjoy doing provided they are not bothering anyone else. Thanks. Gonna do the bae’s cards now (privately).