Quiet Research – Stay Home – Proud of my Kids

I am a home bird really and I don’t ever think about travelling around the world as I have friends in places overseas who share such good news and stories I feel as though I am sometimes with them. Less is More. I also tend to support UK charity especially local efforts where I can get involved in my spare time. Which for much of the last two years charity starts at home. I have tried my best to be kind. And it’s funny as when we get to an emergency state of affairs we see who really cares. Who actually says, ‘do you need anything, or ‘are you okay.’ I hope I have not forgotten anyone close. I really will run errands for anyone close to me here.

We have been made aware of a charity in NYC. Now, this is a first for me as I don’t often look over the pond at charities due to the above. But after scrutiny I have never seen such a wonderful mission. Whether you are religious or not, take that equation out of it, please. My son hasn’t got a lot of money, he’s very proud and has never asked anyone for anything. He is totally independent and all he has, he has worked hard for and he is just a lovely person. He is humble and modest. He has given his small savings to this charity. Which makes me stand up and take notice of them. I have never forced my own views onto my children. I am proud they have their own minds and freedom of choice. Whatever they do in life provided they come from love they have my blessing.

Also, I do feel very sad about Boris Johnson and all affected – who knows who will be next. He is in intensive care. I feel sad for all. I do want to say I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I would not wish anyone to feel unwell or face uncertainty. This is all very heart breaking. We can just be thankful for a Pink Full Moon this evening. Let nature be our guide and please show mercy. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Stare at the clouds and if you have a garden, plant things. Get the seeds and nurture new growth. Please don’t pickle your heads with fake news and hysteria. Look at the facts. I do not think it is right that any religion excludes same sex couples. Each to their own. It’s not for me to ever judge and certainly not any of you. Live and LET Live! Literally. There are kids out there without any family at all. This must be tough. I do worry for all of them. We can foster and adopt if it means getting them away from harm. Keep children safe at all times.


Tiffany Belle Harper in the UK. Good Luck. X