#onemillionclaps for everyone – UK Fundraising – Seagulls dropping Shells on their Human Friends.

I know a lot of people cannot even afford £5 at the moment because you have to eat and provide for your loved ones of course, but you can still share the goodwill by clicking the image below. While others could spare thousands. – time to be generous perhaps. Click image to learn more.

We are offering an errand service in South Shore Blackpool if you are unable to get to the shops too. Please DM Marc via Facebook at Golden Sands Blackpool. He is waiting to hear from you or contact me here. We can all come together wherever we are – nobody should feel excluded or lonely during these tragic times – all aspects of fundraising are for all and all charity is equal without bias or status. One good thing is at last I have no ironing. It’s done! I can walk around the washing machine for the first time ever. The pets think it’s great having us around 24/7. I think I will stop at five. It’s a handful. Bless them though. They love the birds too. Got a little nature reserve going on here.

The pic below is Evie Blossom (little dog). She was born the same day and time as Foley died. She is with Buddy who looks just like Foley. They look perfect together although she is a feisty little thing. I did not realise how tiny she is until Buddy came along. They make me giggle. It will take time for Buddy to settle in truly as we have not yet given him a good run due to the pandemic. But he will get there. He has a lot of life to experience ahead of him. He’s 8 months old and Evie is 3 years of age. There’s the cats and Angel too. To be honest I don’t know how I found time to work but I did. I really miss everyone. If any of you fancy setting up a blog and need some help please let me know. I come here in the evenings normally around 9 til 10 pm UK time.

The seagulls are back. They are dropping shells on us fresh from the ocean – they want us out to play again. I think they believe their holiday friends have all vanished – we have to continue being safe. Stay home and stay safe. But I have the gulls on the window sill. It’s just so beautiful. I have some videos I will post them soon. They are nesting. It is the nesting season. They come to see us and the kids next door all day each day. Like a little tribe of nature. It’s pure heaven. We are all okay here. My son is key working. Marc is at the disposal of the community. We are taking all safe and stated guidelines. I am in isolation to maintain the guidelines as are other hoteliers on the street. The pets have some freedom with our back yard and we get to see the kids next door from a safe distance. I am just working away with ideas for the future and looking forward to escaping to Liverpool for a catch up with my pal Josie when this is all over. I do miss my family and loved ones but we will get through this.

Tiff. X