Candle Making and Mental Health

I used to create hampers and hope to do this again in the future but I never made time to make my own candles to put in them. Last week I decided to have a go and I am pleased with the results for a first attempt. I purchased from a site based in the UK found on the internet. There’s a few that offer door to door delivery. I purchased soya pillar wax, cruelty free oils for scent and natural colouring. I also added some edible flowers as we don’t have flowers here at the moment. I do intend on potting up soon.

The wax had to be melted to around 90 degrees and then left to cool to around 55 degrees. It is suggested you add 10% oil (scent) to the weight of wax used. I added a tiny drop of colour to create pink or blue candles. I used glasses and cups I had available, following all guidelines. I prepared each vessel with a wick that sticks to the base of the candle holder.

I made these candles

Then I made a second batch using no colour and only essential oils, I added lavender, orange oil, almond oil and dried lavender too. They look bloody awful but smell good. Just thought I would share this info, as candle making is a good past-time. It was not costly. Been practising gel nails. That’s a different story. Not sure what I did wrong but the shellac just peeled off. Back to the drawing board. Am trying to make use of some of the bits I bought during the summer to do something for myself. Now there is time.

I realise that funds will be tight for many. That’s why writing is so therapeutic and setting up a blog is actually free. It’s a good way to keep in touch with friends and family. You can add pictures of your journey too. These next weeks we must try our best to stay indoors. The UK has reached a peak with the pandemic. I do worry people will be focusing on fake news. But we can all come together and be kind. It is good to see people supporting charities not necessarily with money but with contributions of what they can do with their crafts to raise awareness and community spirit. And remember a blog does not have to be topical or for people to understand, it can be a journal so you can remember your journey. People have asked me, but what is your blog about? I tell them, nothing really, it’s just mine to keep.

Anyone who does or who has ran/owned a bed and breakfast will know during peak season under normal circumstances, we can do 18 hour shifts. It is not a job that can make you rich but you grow in knowledge. You get to share the good and the bad times of so many strangers who are taking precious time out. I have made so many mistakes as I had no idea what I was doing. So this is a time for me to reflect on what I have learned in the industry so far and move forward with a more logical head. You can’t run a business with just your heart as you will get trampled on. You have to do in your spare time acts of goodwill and in the meanwhile focus on making good of what you rely on for an income – as when hard times come you can be left depleted.

Now during these times, we may experience self doubt, worry and paranoia. This applies to everyone. We need to remember there are people to talk with, albeit online or the phone or to write and find ways to share your feelings, as mental illness is awful when we are faced with new situations. Even our pets feel the change. The birds know things are different. There are many aspects of nature that will be missing us now. I know the seagulls are wondering where the scraps are out there. We are all working together.

Jealousy, greed and ego are parallel now to acts of sincerity where there is poverty. There are those less fortunate that won’t change and those that will change. We need to keep ourselves well to the best of our ability. I worry for the food workers. I worry as we need them to keep our food fluid. To search for often small businesses that deliver to the door. To make good of food. When I was homeless I learned to make very little go a long way. I hate throwing food away. This is not the best time to preach about diets to people who are living from hand to mouth. If you are starving you will take food from a bin.

Being extreme in our views now will inevitably make people feel isolated, as though they are excluded. I believe the food chain should be organic and away from factory production. I see nothing but packaging and waste in the world but that’s something we can address by being humble in our choice of food. When we look to save money the right resources flourish. If  you are 100% vegan, there are many groups to pioneer this. But to attack people for their own choice at this difficult time is a form of bullying. With facts and kindness people will learn to adjust their preferences. Brut force and alienation is a wicked game.

I use a local supplier and local farm to purchase my breakfast supplies and my new project will be vegan and vegetarian if it takes off. My new project is more about lifestyle. But I manage a bed and breakfast, also. A bed and breakfast is for visitors of all creed, colour and style. It’s not a platform to hand out opinions. But a retreat is more niche. It’s not easy learning new skills but I am trying. I am trying to involve myself with my kids interests as we have grown apart due to us all working so hard. I bought my children up on music. It’s all we could afford to do as a family. Music helps. Stay safe. Be kind. Stay off the habits and obsessions it won’t help you and just leave people to enjoy what they have at this time.

Have a good weekend. Happy Easter. Tiff. X