hello friends and family

Well I hope everyone is okay. What a strange time we are going through. It has made me look back at the last couple of years and what has happened in my life. I bet a lot of you are doing the same? It has made me realise who I love and what I miss most. It has made me have regrets but also lessons learned that I hope when this tide of isolation changes I continue to learn from. I hope everyone stays well and healthy.

I know a lot of you will be struggling with money right now. It worries me to think anyone is hungry. Did you know many cereals are full of vitamins for instance Weetabix and porridge and Weetabix is gorgeous with spread and jam on as a snack. Also making simple soup is great on a budget. Most soup is based with celery, onion and carrots fried in a little oil until soft. I add some brown sugar. Then you add your favourite stock, herbs etc – simmer. Roast separately what you want in the soup for instance peppers and tomato. Or steam some brocolli and add some cheese, Stilton if you can. I never use flour, I thicken with natural yogurt or lentils. You can even make delicious lentil soup. Just add the vegetables or left over meat and blend until smooth. When I lived in Denmark for a few weeks, many years ago we used to eat gorgeous chick pea soup and the cook would use the water from the ham she boiled. Water from cooking vegetables etc is full of flavour, especially cabbage water … don’t start me on cabbage. I love the stuff. So anyway here is me today in the yard in my pop up tent playing with the cards – it is fine to experience a bad hair day. Anyway, I want to send a particular hug to anyone alone during these times. Everything will be okay.

Tiff. X