name and shame the coward

This is so dreadful it is hardly worth sharing but I will. A friend sent me a screenshot from the woman who for eight years now has devoted her timeline on the Twitter platform, hiding behind her celebrity partner to attack and stalk me whilst simulating my ideas, titles and covers to write the most mundane books, despite being a reading addict herself – she’s made her fortune this way. It is a gift to inspire anyone yet a curse to endorse hatred and bitterness. A woman is a Goddess to be adorned – not a victim of her appearance. The soul runs much deeper. And in this day and time a good woman will already know that together we nurture this unstable planet and not use torrid hatred to divide and seperate. Your wealth is not your soul. Your soul is your true intent and an ugly soul is fine if it can be healed. But every now and again we find a soul that is empty. And we let that go to the waste of our universe and we do not show remorse. Be original – live your life and be inspired by your own footsteps.

I am not on Twitter. It was posted shortly after I put a photo of me wearing a hat a friend sent me to help him with his current situation in crisis. My street name is Queen Bee. I am a street photographer and I am trusted by many artists. So the yellow hat was hugely symbolic. It took him months to make it and I won’t have him ridiculed. It’s enough now. If a child behaved like this to another a child it could cause them to self harm or become withdrawn. It is disgusting a grown woman who has all she wants in life has resorted to such pure hatred. I even held out a letter of hope at the weekend, offering to help them find a new pet to replace their cat that died. This type of cyber bullying is prevalent amongst all age groups not just kids. It was not enough for her to distribute poison pen messages to animal welfare groups. My time helping kids who are going through bullying at school showed me a cyber bully will use manipulation and cryptic games to make the target feel vulnerable and isolated. But for a grown woman to indulge … it’s beyond comprehension. I have tried to get her head on but she hides when confronted. I talk face to face. I am ready. Always ready to face a bully because they are the scum of this earth.

If it does not stop I will be naming/shaming and invite her (once more) to speak with us face to face about her ongoing spite campaign against me. I am trying my best to build good spirit during this tough time. It is so sad when a small few of others resent it and want to tear people down due to their own insecurities. Please note the lovely person who devised this fund raiser has no idea how it has been used to attack me. I feel sad a lovely cause has been used as a weapon to pack a Tweet. This is exactly what we need to break down in our sick society.

Even if I did look like a scarecrow it would not make me any less loved as it is what’s inside that counts. I despise cowards who hide behind their keyboards. I wish she would leave me alone. It would have been better not see it to be honest. It won’t stop me trying. If I behaved like that towards someone my family would be disgusted with me. Anyone who endorses a bully is just as bad. What a dreadful woman to still be full of revenge during such difficult times. What a waste of her energy. Keep going everyone – small steps make progress – stay in the positive. Tiff. X