Small Business – Reach out to those living alone – Woody and Blue Millinery – Covent Garden

The detail that went into this hat. The UK should be proud to have such an artist. The description in his own words.

 A woody and blue bespoke buttery yellow fedora with a embroidery made of cultivated pearls, Swarovski and Czech crystal it’s one of the kind was a few month super pleasant work that I love to do.

His name is Haroun and you can click the image to go his website. Please say I sent you. I am offering a free Angel Tarot reading with any orders. Have a lovely week. We’re making stuff at home so I won’t be online much. Don’t ever give up helping your friends and communities. Let them know they are not alone. There are many people in touch with me who are in despair – nastiness is best avoided at these times.

Tiff. X

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