Luna Chick – Guest

I have a friend I speak with named Suzanne who has similar interests to me with regard to spirituality. Well, most of us do have faith or spirituality but we were talking about insomnia and how this sweep of change affects us. Many symptoms are down to stress or some call ascension.

Suzanne ‘Luna Chick’ sent me this which details common symptoms in human beings. Of course always talk with your GP but remember symptoms from stress or a higher climb in purpose can also make us feel unwell. Also there is a video she sent to me which some may find useful. This is a great time to explore our own spiritual progress. There is a full moon today. These are hugely prolific times to stay in progress. Please stay with the light. It really works to feel the unconditional love from our perfect universe. 

Finally for those who are attuned to Reiki and use it without ego or want of recognition you are doing great, here is a video also forwarded by Suzanne. Fear makes us believe we are unwell. Fear feeds pharma. Pharma makes billions on fear. Enjoy this video. It is purely gorgeous. We need real medical attention for illness. This is not an endorsement to avoid medical care and attention. I am holistic. I work alongside the medical profession. I do not contest medical help or aid under any circumstances. Holistic is a preventative never a cure. Only miracles cure us. But that is a different topic to what you would probably need to know. This world is moving from a state of ignorance and abuse. 

Tiff. X