Morning Fairies

I am awake. The sky is beautiful and at night we can see the movement. Many of my friends were also in bad moods yesterday and during these times of doubt we should try to focus on the positive around us and out there that makes us feel inclusive and inspired. Women come in all shapes and sizes. We are mixed in diversity and culture but when women come together the world vibrates on a higher love frequency and our men feel that oneness in our loving to them all with the nature. Going to sit outside and have my breakfast with the fluffies. Going to declutter my bedroom. Focus on the new journeys ahead for me and the bae. Stay in my positive power. A power I work on each day. A power that extends love and does not look in dark holes for the negative. The future is the children. They can be abundant with unity for all of them. And during difficult times we see who people really are. Those sharing, involved in this high system of love. Those stuck in their ego wanting to make good for themselves from the hardship of others. They are scared. They know they are gone after here.

Tiff. Xx