Night Talk – To be Awake by Tiffany Belle Harper

Well I know a couple of my girlfriends do the same – we go to bed with good intentions for an early start on tasks then wake up in the night and everything seems so alive. You sort of get insomnia and before you know it you sleep through early morning. It’s a guilty pleasure as I was in a routine of early nights and early starts. Now it’s all sort of organic! It’s given me time to think about stupid things like charcoal toothpaste or my favourite mug. How to make more space in a room with careful decluttering. Then the animals land on the bed – they realise they have attention on tap. I don’t know how they will adjust when things get busy again.

I worry for lonely people as here it is never lonely. I live on an alley way where there are lots of people, animals, birds and plenty of chat from all. But there are those who live in flats or out in the country alone. We should try not let anything negative make us feel alone, threatened or isolated. I believe WhatsApp is good too as we share little videos, recipes and we talk about rubbish. I will chat with anyone, I can banter for England when I feel energised, before returning to slumber. Please don’t feel alone my friends. We are all one together. Stay in your power.

Be thankful for food – there are many who do not know where their next meal is coming from right now. Focus on your objectives for the future. Make new discoveries. Push your creative boundaries and it’s true that perhaps the devil makes work for idle souls. Let’s be free of hate and feel the new energies come through to our unique inner destines. For never have we been so free. It is time for change and new beginnings. Do not fear your own voice or creative expression. Research and explore our meanings – we can share. Love is everything.

We can all be free from stagnant patterns and old regimes when we trust in the future. A new age. The age of Love. There are good and worthwhile charities on our doorsteps. And charity must begin at home.

Tiff. X