outward and internal light – new life walks with us – greet our strangers 4.44

I love to write in the mornings. I attracted some negative energy this week. Well, I did not attract it, I picked it up. Like a bug we can pick up a virus of ill intent but these tests help us work on forgiveness and clarity – to learn how to be rid of ignorance. But fortunately and hopefully I will continue to be well as I have people who love me to return that gift. Today three times The Sun Card. Joyous and the colour shows me I am right to hold brightness in my heart. I love colour.

Below is a personal card from The Kuan Yin Transmission that I shared with the bae just now. So personal to me – love surrenders – I love deeply. A beautiful card. These cards are not about us but the messages available from pure love. The higher realms of the sacred feminine that I share with my flame unconditionally wherever we are – so blessed for this love – so thankful – humble and always prepared to give all of me, even when I seem quiet my heart is with him. I love with all of my heart. And when one hurts the other bleeds. Leave us be. We want you to be happy. Be thankful for all the love you see around you. Don’t try to break it down. 

The star seed energies with the light. The meditation. I drew the sun card early this morning – many times it returned. Be well. Be with the love. Find your new guides. We have friends here on Earth that will not remain strangers to those who seek progress for The Akashic and higher purpose. The Akashic being the grid of history that all life and will here creates on the highest dimensions aligning across all prayer and meditation. I must say, to those who are not afraid. Watch out for tricksters and traitors. Money will never come before faith. But love provides from those we hold closest, look after our own first. The calmness of nature, whether pets at home or birds outside. Freedom, shells, sea, sand. Flora and fauna, daisies, pretty daisies. Yes Mother Nature. All of the sacred feminine. Women stand strong. Women stand as one. Our men need us and women need each other. Let go of the dark energies, if they do not serve you now, they never will. Waste no more time. Greatness is coming to show you and it is here with us so be prepared. No child is a prisoner. Let them run across meadows and take water into their palms from streams with their guardians keeping them safe and with the light.

Namaste. X