Monday in Isolation Diary

Thanks to Janet Alleyne for this lovely poster. There are those that are used to being in the real world and we are now stuck in media and e-commerce. It’s like a prison but we can get through this. I have so many friends who have small businesses – we have to suffer whilst the rich get richer using media platforms. The irony of this pandemic from hell. It’s not an awakening. It’s a curse. We need to see how many years humans have been carrying it. Because there are good people falling down to greed. Small businesses are not kept and they are not fed by billionaire organisations. Small businesses are the back bone of society. Powerless. For the privileged:- Enjoy another day in your ivory towers. Charity starts at home. The Nester did not get a grant like everyone else because it is not yet open. How can it open? Tell me the formula. I could beg for money but I am no scrounger. It’s not cash, It’s the principle. But on a more positive side I have a home to be used to help others and in particular I have a desire to reach out to anyone undergoing domestic abuse or sexual harassment. There are ways ahead. I am going to speak with the council and social services this week. Slightly baffled why most hospitals are empty too. Why people are dying at home, often alone. Pets being abandoned due to the death of their owners alone at home and nobody knows they are there. Sickening … Too many champagne socialists clapping every Thursday before asking crucial questions. Don’t die of ignorance … I won’t be. Don’t sit back people of power, this country is falling apart – and the rich won’t be feeling it.