Emotionally Intelligent Perceptions with ‘Art’ ‘Belleva House’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

I have been working on the new website that won’t go live for ages. But I wanted to share this. This piece of art is ceramic. It is a skull (obviously). I love bones, we are mortally (eventually) our bones. I also have some human skull artwork too. It is true – art should take us away (or not be afraid to take us away) from our comfort zone. To challenge us and make us use our creative brain – expand and move into many new directions with our own styles of creativeness. Art can find ways to interpret our own unique perspective and it’s a great past time for socialising – especially those feeling depressed, lonely or isolated. For instance, making likeminded friends or being inspired enough to try new groups or skills. I use art and colour at work to keep the kids quiet. It tends to work, especially those under the autistic spectrum (I don’t believe in autism, personally though). Another topic …

It is proven that animal cruelty is one of the biggest weaknesses of mankind – and many who abuse children or inflict hatred towards the vulnerable will also take pleasure in acts of mental and physical cruelty/abuse towards animals, which often starts at a young age. Trophy Hunting is a vicious sport – it’s a form of stalking, harassment and pain with no end resolve. This ceramic skull to me, depicts an animal that died organically in the wild. How life transforms to bones. There are many quirks with my new project. The main being tranquility and a haven to find inner peace. Enjoy your day. Extremities don’t help anyone. Be kind. Be free to use your organic skills as we are all leaving our blueprints. Each day we all change, we grow, we learn. We can all be whatever we want. It doesn’t matter at all what anyone else thinks. Who is perfect? What is normal? Fuck all that. 

Really excited about the future.

Belleva House by Tiffany Belle Harper