Tent Life … This Week

Just want to take a reality check and thank the universe for this week. It’s not about money or appearing popular on the web, We believe it is about making the most of these times to catch up with our hearts. Gotta love mind, body, soul and heart. The pets have us busy. Blimey … little characters. So much to learn from the sky. If you focus your eyes on the clouds and then let them relax in focus you get to see orbs and geometrical patterns. It’s quite good to tap into. Hardly been online. Puts things back to centre. Nothing to sell. Nothing to prove. Nobody to impress. Perfect break. Great time to develop new ideas for a better future for all.

Less is More. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves too. It’s a great time of year for nature. Thanks to Lisa and the girls for the lovely cakes. And my first wax melt …. melting.