Writing hut

I love making nests. This one is my writing hut in Warwickshire. Everything in it is second hand or I made/found/up-cycled. It cost absolutely nothing. It was beautiful at night – this is when I stayed in it most. I put lots of candle lanterns and solar lights in the tree outside of it. An enchanting little spot next to a farm and open fields. But listen … we can make a nest anywhere. You can even put a pop up tent outside in your yard and garden. But don’t make my mistake and leave the bedding in it whilst it rains. You end up getting damp. If you make an outdoor sleeping nest, please remember to bring in your bedding otherwise you could get a bug. Nests are fun and a great way to enjoy some time at home. When I was a child my Mum would turn a table upside down for me and put a big blanket over it so I could make a nest inside of it. The more creative you get the better you enjoy it and it’s a great way to be romantic … Tiff Xx