Express your creative passion by Tiffany Belle Harper

There is no elitism in the layer of creativity that embraces all of us. It’s our passion so allow yourself space to broaden what galvanises you most.

Instagram is a great way to find and share information, but how many of us actually donate to that platform? I’ve spoken to many people who say ‘they’d love to start their own blog.’ But then hit their own needless hurdles with statements like, ‘but I can’t spell.’ ‘I’ve not nothing that interesting to write about,’ or ‘I will get round to it but haven’t got time at the moment.’

We’ve all got life in us and life gives us so many topics or views to share. A blog about animal welfare, gardening, cooking, natural walks or handy crafts. Perhaps sharing your views on feelings such as relationships, parenting or coping with stress. Have you overcome a challenge that could inspire others to do similar?

There’s budding writers in ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ who don’t share their work for fear of rejection or copyright. That’s rubbish, it’s not who reads it, it’s that you expressed your passion. Putting your words out there will remain long after you, so why not start networking with other bloggers sharing your interests. They’re out there now and not limited to location. There’s people blogging around the globe, the resources are limitless.

Searching for keywords, hashtags and groups that mentor or distribute like-minded subjects is a great way to make new friends, whilst learning and partaking with those in your zone of fervour.

It’s simple to set up a blog. Search Google and see what appeals. For instance WordPress and Blogger. The benefits being that blogs with popular blog platforms also robot your keywords and they can be found in web searches if used correctly. This way others can search and find your bullet points.

You can share your blog links across Social Media. A great tip is to also add an image or poster with a short description of what your blog is all about, thus catching the eye of your target audience with more definition.

Tips For New Bloggers:-

  • Start by making notes about what you’d like to say
  • Listen to your thoughts and research your passions
  • Take photographs or find posters that represent your blog.
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial whilst being optimistic
  • Carry a notebook wherever you go
  • Find positive space to thrive with your imagination
  • Find groups and individuals who share your interests

I’m dyslexic in a way that my confidence affects my writing. If I feel under pressure I struggle but when I’m focused, I am convicted by what it is I want to say, then my dyslexia seems to diminish. Self-belief is paramount to expression. This is why we should surround our ‘self’ with positivity. Although it would be impossible to constantly be in ideal situations, we can make small steps to eradicate the circumstances that hold our creativity down. For instance those who seem to mock, frown upon or scorn your passions or stifle your motivation. Seeking such people around us is a form of self-harm. Leave them behind and walk on.

I recall many years I wrote a piece for a publication about the benefits of breast feeding. It was considered taboo and the article received a lash of criticism. I didn’t write for months after that. Words like nipple shields, breast pumps and sore boobies hit a few nerves. (Mainly by women who didn’t have or want babies.) But as I’ve grown older I’ve realised that debate is a healthy thing and when our words are under attack it’s not personal, it’s that you’ve created a reaction that others are entitled to comment upon. Freedom of speech is what many call it. I’ve been to events where people have become embarrassed at the word vagina. Many of those very same people now use this word more openly. As my pal ‘a sexual councillor’ says, ‘It’s not a dirty word, all women have a vagina. Without them, we’d not exist at all.’

It’s just about being able to bypass the boundaries of social expectations and exclusions. Don’t let mainstream society make the rules. Especially ‘not’ celebrity culture. We’re surrounded with ‘mostly’ rubbish that needs to shift. I have two grown up sons who don’t watch much television. They prefer YouTube. An online open place that if searched well can reveal topics on just about anything, ‘straight from the horse’s mouth.’ I’ve sourced so much information via this platform. I contribute too, I’m not very good. I just enjoy doing it.

We can create our own platforms. I’d love to see a society where there’s no taboo. I really don’t believe there’s any such thing and feel sad plenty do. Equally I believe no topic or passion is too small to discuss. Words should not offend nor harm us if used with heart and soul. Words are our democratic way of sharing our passions, goals and personal imprints. And words if used wisely can heal and mend the world.

Whilst hate, jealousy and bitterness are worthless ways to attack on any level. We can use these emotions to better use by turning them into positive ways, thus moving past our fears and inner demons. So don’t be afraid to express your open opinion about the subjects you hold and could share and REMEMBER Do it with Pride!

Then there’s blogs about the plus and minus of a subject that you could use to invite others to get involved with? People love to participate and it’s a great way to engage with new friends. For instance you could create a Q & A or better still a petition. If you feel so strongly about something why not write about it, whilst inviting others to support your cause or opinion.

There are some fabulous petition sites that are so quick and easy to use. I’ve known folk set one up in a matter of minutes.

For instance

Look at how much time you are spending on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Could you reduce that time doing more to contribute? Step away from the hub and go into your own ‘mind of thought.’ Find things within your passions to share and demonstrate with others. This way the virtual library of life will become more abundant with your contribution.

What’s somewhat small to you may be life changing for another.

Life is a lesson, it’s about learning then sharing. It connects and unites mankind. Enhancing our passions, subsidising global love and love is everything. It starts with ‘self’ use your voice and be counted.

If this feature has inspired one other person I’ve made a change. So I do hope you’ll get started today and do the same – Inspire another. Start your creative journey by perhaps meditating or taking a long walk with nature. Getting on with expertise with a notebook by your side. Often my best thoughts come when I’m walking the dogs and many times I’ve had what I’ve considered to be a great idea. Reminding myself to jot it down on returning home, then forgetting. Now I ensure I’ve always got my journal with me.

Cameras are just as good, If not better. A building, situation or sky line can be captured then put into words. Or you could create your own digital posters with your quote over the image to share online. I used to become despondent when I’d post something online that nobody would share or comment towards. But then that same post would sometimes receive hundreds of page hits. Remember many who use Social Media do so to learn and not necessarily re-tweet or comment toward. It does not mean your passions go in vain. It’s the taking part that counts and if it makes you feel good, do it! Ask yourself, what have I to lose? Self-expression is one of our greatest healers and allies, aiding confidence, enthusiasm and concentration too.

Tiffany Belle Harper.